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Solo Ads – Where To Buy Them From 2017

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Solo Ads – Where To Buy Them From

It is important to get to know where to buy solo ads from and to also try out several sites before you go ahead and choose one or two companies to stick with.

It is better to try out some solo ad providers and always have your own top three that you may use over and over again as they provide great results.

If you find a certain provider, that provides you with great results then the best thing to do is to stick with them and continue growing your list and getting sales that way.

Here we will briefly give a few solo ad providers that have worked and hope they may also work for you.

But before we start, you must know that different list providers make their list available to certain industries and therefore it is important that you know what you are selling or the type of customer you are going after, have some clear goals on what you want before you approach them.

Once you know that, you should converse with the list provider first and inform them of what you want. When you are happy that they can provide you what you want, try them out and see how it goes.

Remember you are interested in results so try it out a little first and then decide if you can see a future in it. If you are happy with the initial results, then pour more money in but DO NOT do it the other way round as you will surely lose money that way. 

  1. Dedicated emails.
    • has a large range of available markets and have great support and will help you through in order to build a great client-customer relationship.
  2. Arcamax.
    • this is a large email list website and have millions of subscribers on their list and it would be a great source of traffic when needed. 
    • You can also post on their free sites but you have to post some type of free content. This will help with lead generation.
    • They also have Niche newsletters and you can advertise in those in order to bring in traffic.
  3. JRWA.
    • this company also has a large email list and can provide a significant amount of services. 
    • They have lots and lots of different and large lists and you will need to contact them in order to get access to the types of list that they have.
  4. BMI Elite.
    • this is a compiled email list and have very large lists but is a more diffuse set of customers and are not specifically targeted.
    • With this site it is better to start small and see if it is for you and if you do well then you can scale up.
  5. Lists Nexmark.
    • this is like the Google of lists and it has an email for literally anything you are looking for. 
    • You can also find an address list. If you want to advertise directly to peoples homes.
    • They will give an option of giving you a list of people or whether you want to send them the email for it to be sent out on your behalf.
    • It is best if you send them the email as their lists are so large that they may crash your email providers website which will reflect badly on you.
  6. Solo Ad Directory.
    • is great for internet marketers and can start form very cheap and build up in terms what you need.
  7. Warrior Forums.
    • although this has been put in seventh place make no mistake about it this is a great website for anyone who wants to get to grips with solo ads.
    • This is where a lot of people with lists hang out. 
    • This is where if you have a question you will probably find the answer.
    • They have large facebook and Skype groups that you can sign up to regarding solo ads and they will be able to help you out with that. They mainly buy and sell ads in these groups.
    • And you can also buy some solo ads.
    • It takes some getting use to but once you are familiar with this website this is a goldmine.
  8. Igor Solo Ads.
    • this is a relatively new website compared to ones mentioned above but they are making impressive gains in terms of email deliverability, tracking and customer service.
    • They are very friendly and helpful and will help you through making your initial ads.

We hope this helps and wish you the best of success. Remember what you need to do is try out all or the majority of this list above and decide which ones work best for you. Have a top three that you can always rely on and then always keep a lookout for new sites that can help in your strategy of building a list.

Once again, the best strategy is providing value content and then getting the potential customers email in order to continue to build trust between you and them. Once you have their email you can provide value content and pitch them a sale at the same time, you get the best results.

You can pitch them straight away in your email but they may chose not to do business with you not because they do not like you but because the relationship has not been built up and they do not feel any “customer connection” with you.

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