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Solo Ads – Things Not To Do 2017

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Solo Ads – Things Not To Do

Make sure that you put a tracking link in the email so you know what happens with your emails.

This gives you an idea of:-

  1. Which emails are successful.
  2. Which ones are being opened.
  3. How many people click on the link.
  4. How many people go to your site and subscribe to your list.

Email list sellers will not track your emails for you that is your responsibility and it is a good habit to have. This will give you flexibility and the ability to look back at what you are doing and evaluate your performance.

It is important to find out what works and do more of that. You will get times where you might send out emails and they may not work. Don’t panic and look at what you can improve.

  1. Is it the subject line a problem?
  2. Was it the email that was the problem? … and how it was written?
  3. Is it your sales funnel that is not working properly?
  4. Is your email catch page working properly?
  5. ETC….

You need to make sure that are ready to fail and tweak things a lot and get to the point where you know what works. You cannot blame the seller and some will try and help you out but that is up to them. So be ready for a time of trial and error and stick to what works and improve on that.

If something does not work at all. don’t bother just move on to something that works and stick with that.

That is why we strongly advise that you buy small at first and then you expand slowly.

You must know your internet marketing metrics and values. Please look on this site for those values that are explained in detail.

Good Luck.


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