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Solo Ads – Strategy 2017 How and What is it?

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Solo Ads Strategy 2017, How and What is It?

Solo ads is one of the strategies in order to try to and drive traffic to your website or lead capture page.

It is a way to pay people to send an email on your behalf to their subscribers with your offer. 

This is a very powerful tactic as it allows you to leverage other people’s email list and so if you are able to send one email to 100k or more email subscribers that they have on their list which is an excellent way for you to get market exposure, drive traffic to you website or lead capture page, engage others in what you have to offer, make a sales pitch to them and either get their email address (to build your own email list) and get their business.

These providers have been building their lists for years and have a significant amount of followers and in some cases up to and above one million subscribers which is why this is so powerful.

But there is the right and wrong way to go about this and we will address some of those problems now.


  1. You do not know WHO is sending that email.
    • When you engage with someone else to send your email you do not know who they are.
    • In order for this to be successful for you need to make sure that the email is sent to the most qualified, and interested set of potential customers because you want to get the most out of your email.
    • If you have a poor solo ad providers list then you will get poor results.
  2. Its a quick hit of traffic.
    • You will get traffic as soon as the emails go out to the list which will start to diminish and eventually stop within 48 hours of the email being sent.
    • You must understand that in order to have the right amount of expectation from using this strategy.


  1. Build your email list.
    • You can build your own email list from the back of using solo ads and this would be a amazing strategy to use as if they join your mailing list then you will be able to pitch to them in the future.
  2. Making a sale.
    • You can try to make a sale to these potential customers but you must remember that if you have not built a strong relationship with them and they do not already trust you then this would slightly more difficult but it is not impossible and a lot of marketers out there are already doing this.
  3. Warm Leads.
    • These potential customers are known as WARM LEADS and because the list owner is “endorsing you” by sending the email to their list they are more likely to click and listen to what you have to say as they have already built trust with the list owner.
  4. High quality traffic source.
    • This can be a high quality traffic source and it is important that you are picking the right lists and writing the right emails.

As discussed above solo ads are a great way to generate traffic and it is highly advised as part of the other major marketing strategies. You can find out more information on this site on where you can buy solo ads click on the link to find out.

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