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Solo Ads- Negotiating Tactics 2017

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Solo Ads – Negotiating Tactics 2017

It is important to try and be able to negotiate with the people or company that you are going to do business with simply because you can get a look at what you are going to get first hand before you buy large amounts of lists and get a “feel” for what you are getting yourself into.

You can ask the seller for samples of ads where they can give you an idea of how you can format your email, and also ask them for samples that have worked well in the past and got the most responses. (This may or may not work but it is worth a try).

If this works this will give you an advantage and idea on how to format your email and see what you can do in order to get the best results. Not everyone will provide you these details.

You can also ask them which offers works well with their list. This is valuable information that will get you the best results. This will also tell you more about the type of list they have and you should only go ahead with it if it is what you are looking for, or something that you may think is worth a try.

You must also ask how their list was built. Buyers lists are the most valuable lists as this is an email list that was built from actual customers that have spent money in some sort of way. Knowing this will make it more lucrative for you to go ahead and spend money on that list.

Majority of them are opt in lists which is also ok and can be used but, in general, when compared to a buyers list, they do not have a similar outcome.. 

You should ask if their list subscribers have bought anything from the email them and ask for proof if it is available.

You can also ask to buy a small amount first like one thousand potential customers and email to see the conversion rate which will give you an idea of how well you are going to perform in the future. 

If they cannot do that ask them for a test rate which will give you an idea on the QUALITY OF THE LIST.

When it comes to solo ads it is always about the Quality not the Quantity of what you are getting and converting them into subscribers or paying customers.

Some people are just scammers and they will tell you all you want to hear and sell you crap. So it is important that you look around at their solo ads testimonial groups of Facebook. You can also look solo ads scam report group on Facebook where people discuss solo ad providers that are just scammers.

This is a good habit to have and you should even be doing that with the list that I have provided on this website. Do not trust anyone it is your money.

Just remember that you will have good and bad experiences the trick is to start small and review the results. This allows you to weed out what works and what doesn’t for you. You may have a good provider that is just not providing to your standards. It may not be their fault or yours, it maybe that the list he/she has is just not interested in what you have to offer.

That is why you need to try and start small, because there are so many variables. Some that you have control over and some that you do not.

When you see what works then do more of that and expand on it, If something does not work and you gave it a good shot, don’t throw good money after bad, just move on.

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