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Solo Ads – How To Write Your Emails

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Solo Ads – How To Write Your Emails

The first rule is to “Always Experiment” on how to write your emails in order to get better results from this in the future.

It is important to try and figure out how to write your emails. This is just a short post to be used as an example for those people who are just not sure on how to do it.

These are just suggestions and you should only use it to HELP you and not copy this word for word as it may not sound genuine to your solo ad email reader.

Just remember solo ads is a mixture between having the RIGHT People and the MOST POSSIBLE AMOUNT of people opening your email. NOT THE OTHER WAY around.

This is a very important point for you to understand and cannot be stressed enough as it is extremely valuable the right people open your email. Quality over Quantity.

Your subject line is very important. Do not trick them as it will make them angry and they will delete your email straight away. So there is no point in doing that. 

You need to have a subject line that is calling out to the RIGHT person with a balance of curiosity and benefit.

For example if you were selling something to do with growing flowers (this is just an example). You could try something along the lines of “unknown weird trick that will get your flowers to bloom beautifully”. Just by doing that you have sparked curiosity and if someone is not into flowers then they will not open that email. But if they are you have done two things:-

  • You have first of all Qualified them. Which means that the people who opened that email are interested in what you have to say.
  • You have sparked curiosity which will make them want to listen to what you have to say.

Both of the things that you have done are very important and do not underestimate them.

There are so many different internet marketing rules out there and if you go to you can find discussions on “marketing rules” and result rates.

In general when it comes to email subject lines they usually say that 6-8 words should be your maximum amount of words that you use on the subject line for an email that will get the most attention.

Next is the BODY of the email. 

When it comes to this, it would be great if you could build a system and then you can tweek it and see what works. But remember that this is all trial and error some things will work and somethings will not. Your aim is to perfect what works.

You need to mix curiosity with benefit without revealing the trick. 

Start off with a general YES statement. example

  • Do you want better and more beautiful blooming flowers?
    • If they have opened the email in the first place then this is probably going to be a YES answer.
  • If you do then you are going to love this video LINK (provide the link)
    • This gives your potential customer to be redirected straight away so you can get their details.
    • This is a Great tactic.

Then describe it a bit more for those people that do not click on the link by trying:- 

  • Champion flowers expert “Mickey Mouse” (name that you may have to provide) has just released how he was able to win the championship for New York botanical gardens for the most beautiful stunning full blooming flowers that had other competitors stunned.
    • So the trick there is that you are building credibility and keeping the readers curiosity.

Then you move on to acknowledging problems that they may of already had by saying:-

  • If you tried (look up some of the most common problems that gardeners have and add it in), you are going to love this LINK
    • The trick is not to say what it is and to link them to where you want them to go.
    • This gets them to believe that this is where they want to go in order to discover what they are looking for.

By doing these things you are mixing problem solving, with curiosity, with the benefit they are looking for in order to get your potential customers to go where you want them to go to.

You should have your link at the top, middle and bottom so they always know where to click.

Make sure that wherever you re-direct them to, they find what they are looking for.

Try to add in a squeeze page or try and get their details when they arrive at their destination or when they have watched the whole video or at all those stages as this is your main goal. To give them what they want so you build trust with them as a potential customer, and to get their details and get them through you sales funnel process.

There is also a special trick that you can do but make sure that you ask your email list provider permission to do this before you do it.

The special trick if you slip in re-targeting pixel in your email then whoever opens your email will start to see your ads where ever they go which heavily increases your chances of getting more traffic and buyers to what you have to sell as they are more likely to be brought back to what you are selling.

Word of warning. Make sure you ASK before you do this as it may get you in trouble if you do not.

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