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How To Affiliate Market with Strategy in 2017

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Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a way to advertise online and refer a potential customer to another site which you may or may not own where the customer may then go on to buy the product.

This can be done in many different ways and I will mention them in a little bit. But what you need to understand first is the concept and then you can brainstorm on HOW you are going to achieve this.

So the idea is that you have to REFER A LOT of people to a specific site or sites!

Now how can you achieve that?

There are many ways and they are as follows:

  1. Social Media. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goolge+, Tumblr, Pintrest, Instagram, the list is endless)
    • You may of heard it before so hear it AGAIN. It works BUT, You must have the followers and they must TRUST you. It’s ok to have a huge number of followers but it is more important that they trust you.
    • For example you could have 60,000 followers that do not really engage with you and therefore when you put out the link for them to follow they may or may not do so. But if you have 30,000 followers that always engage with you and trust you as soon as you mention the link they will most probably go and check it out and therefore you will have a higher chance of making a sale.
    • So the KEY is Engaging your followers and building TRUST. Once you have that you will be able to send them anywhere.
    • But be careful to make sure that you check out the product yourself because if you do not and it does not do as it advertised you may lose those followers trust which will effect your future ability to do the same thing.
  2. Solo Ads.
    • This is where you pay some one who has a large email list to send out a one off email to their subscribers advertising what you wanted to sell.
    • Now in this case you must ensure that you find someone who has a list in the same industry and preferably niche as what you are selling. If this is not the case then you will be selling a product to someone who is not “ready” to buy that particular product at that time.
  3. Your own website.
    • Having your own website with your own value content is best and it will complement other things like social media and it will help you grow your email list as you increase the amount of subscribers you have.
    • This is not well understood but by far this is one of the best ways.
  4. Pay Per Click (PPC).
    • This is where you buy ad-space with a provider like GoogleAds, Bing, Yahoo anyone who has a search engine really and they place your add in a particular spot on a page following a result.
    • If a potential customer then clicks on your link then the provider or company that provided that click gets paid.
  5. YouTube.
    • You can make a product review or have an advert on YouTube and if a customer clicks on you link then they are re-directed to the page you were advertising for them to go on and purchase the product.
  6. Email Marketing.
    • Once you start building up a following and your email list grows it will allow you to be able to use that list that you have grown over time for you to advertise to them by sending them emails from time to advertise.
    • As before you have to make sure that what you are selling is good enough for your customer as you do not want you email subscribers to be frustrated with what you are selling and leave your email list.
  7. Article Market.
    • You can make an article and submit it to several website that take on article like eZine articles, Go articles etc..
    • If then some one finds it useful or want to know more about this, when they click on your link they will be take to the offer page where they can purchase the product.
  8. Never stop looking and innovating.
    • Those are the main ways to affiliate market.
    • However, that does not mean that there are no other ways. Use you imagination when it comes to the internet and never give up.
    • Its hard at first but it will get easier especially when you start making more and more money.

We have not covered each bullet point in detail and will do so if you click on the subheadings as there are many things that needs to be mentioned for each sub heading in its own right.

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